Pay it forward

Eighteen | Melbourne | Make a difference 

Hours wasted!

Recently i’ve fallen in love with youtube.
Which means everytime i look at my clock, it skips hours.
I literally waste my day watching youtube videos
This is not good

My choice

So recently I’ve decided to be vegetarian on T days, which is Tuesday and Thursday.
I did this because I’ve always wanted to be a vegetarian but I knew it was not realistic. I’ve grown up on meat and eaten meat my whole life, a drastic change would not be the best thing to do during year 12. So i was smart and thought of a compromise.

Considering I really wanted to try this out, i thought of doing twice a week and seeing how I would go. Its been pretty interesting and I’m excited to all the different foods I’m going to eat when Its T days.

Driving in the mountains

Its completely pure, the air is fresh and the trees are high.
The green scenery is just breath taking
Ive never experienced something so fresh and beautiful
It’s completely refreshing.

The smell that was created by the trees and the damp soil mixed with debris and bugs was different.
It was strange
It was nice.

It made me think about the lives these people living here lived
And how they were so friendly and always happy to say hello

The community was lovely.

It was a great experience and i hope to visit again.

Locks or knocks

I believe if your raised in a house full of locks then the manners of knocking is no where to be found. You either try and open a door and it’ll either open or not. Thats whats it like living in a house with locks.

Whereas when your living in a house with no locks what so ever, you learn to knock to alarm the person that your coming in because its polite.

Unfortunately, I grew up in a house full of locks and therefore i don’t even bother knocking before i enter a room. This is a very bad habit

Developed vs. Developing countries

In health, we’ve been studying about the difference between developed and developing countries. Its an eye opener because you never know what developing countries go through. The fact that they don’t even have clean or working water systems and functioning sewage systems shocks me. The fact that children are forced to work to afford for food or that they are faced to die due to the lack of access to medication and facilities to help them.

It saddens me to know that people in the world are suffering whilst other people are being narrow minded and worrying about little things. Don’t get me wrong i have ‘first world problems’ too, but I’m not ignorant about whats occurring around the world.

The other day i was reading some astonishing facts that caught my eye, approximately the size of 300 football field of rainforests are being chopped down every day for palm oil. That if you have a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, a fridge and clothes in a closet means that you are 75% better off than the rest of the world.

It literally blows my mind.

The message here is, every now and then please think about these people and try and help in some way. Either its sponsoring a child, donating something or making your own charity. Please help the world have less developing countries and more developed countries. Because everyone deserves to live a good quality life where they can be their full potential.

Oh how i love karma

It actually comes true, in one way or another. It may be really weird or just the way you wish it to be. But if you keep up your end, something good will come out of it.
The way you act towards that certain situation will impact your result. For instance, someone in your life hurt you, don’t be the type of person that would set out a revenge plan. You should simply just look past it and move on. That attitude right there will benefit you in one way or another.

Having experienced this right myself, I’m going to say its the best feeling. So for all the good people out there that has had something bad happened to them, keep moving forwards. Because one day it’ll pay off.

Feeling great at the moment

The way he looked at me

When i looked up, all i saw was his eyes on me.
We connected
It was like old times

It was a friendly reminder that we’re still missing each other deeply.
But whats in the past is in the past


Most girls enjoy wearing make up as it hides all their flaws and increases their beauty by 100%. Some make up are ridiculously priced and yet girls still pay that amount. Some make up are really good on one person and then on another its horrible. Everything just depends.

What i wanted to say is, i personally hate wearing make up because it makes me feel so insecure. I have no idea if the foundation shade actually suits my shade or that my face and neck are two completely different colours. I have no idea if my eyeliner is not smudge or if my mascara are on my eye bags. I don’t know if it looks like nutella are on my cheeks or some fairy blew pink crap on my cheeks. I honestly like my bare face.

Sure i can enhance my features and make myself look extra pretty, but at the end of the day your face will the be same. Thats why i learnt to love it and im most comfortable when i dont have makeup on. I’m so glad i don’t depend on makeup because i always wake up late for school and i couldnt possible imagine myself spending an extra 10-15 minutes trying to put make up on. its silly.

So thats what i think of makeup. Sure some people love it which is fine but don’t let it define who you are. Because then you’ll be hiding under a cover of products and stuff.

P.s Foundation stains at the shop ruins lives. —

All you need is a piece of land

— Unknown


Its a rainy and cold day today
I can’t drive
I’m hungry
and I want to go out

The chances of this occuring was a near 5 %
however, something enlightened my day

My cousin invited me to come along with her to grab some lunch and coffee
I’m smiling and I’m happy

Now, the real question is, What am I going to wear?